Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why did I ever have to leave France?

I traveled to Lyon, France to visit my friend Thibault and got to see some other French friends as well :) The first morning I was there I woke up to fresh croissants and Thibault's hand squeezed orange juice-- needless to say I loved France already. Then Clement, Thibault, and I spent the day exploring Roman amphitheaters, the Basilica, parks, and finished with a drink in the city at a little cafe in front of an old church.

The same guy who designed the Statue of Liberty, Bartholdi,
did this fountain in Lyon.

Tuesday we explored Lyon's hidden passageways and had a yummy lunch with French wine and salami in the city. We visited the park of the Golden Head, complete with a zoo (Biology nerd haven), and picked Anna up from the train station!

The Basilica

The city of Lyon suffered badly from the plague. The people prayed to Mary to save them from Yersinia pestis and when they recovered from the plague they built this basilica in her honor.

I arrived on July 14, French Revolution day, so I got to use it as a substitute 4th of July! We wore our red, white, and blue and attended a barbecue at Thibault's friends house. This was followed by amazing fireworks shot off from the basilica up on the hill which we watched from the river. While awestruck by the lengthy fireworks show, Thibault surprised Alice and me by the arrival of Clement! He traveled up from the south of France to visit for a few days.

Roman aqueducts! Lugdunum, modern day Lyon, was an important city in the Roman empire. I got to see Roman amphitheatres and these jaw-dropping aqueducts.

Anna came from Dijon to visit me while I was in Lyon!

Thibault took me through all the different districts of Lyon. This was the rich, newly 'cool' district, so we stopped for a cold drink.

I made French toast for the Frenchies that hadn't heard of it!

Mmmmm cheese

All different kinds of French water from different regions/mountain ranges

Tuna quiche made by Alice and Anna!

Lyonian salad, also made by Anna and Alice- so yummy!

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