Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bakers Dozen of Accomplishments

Don't worry, this isn't soppy...that emotional post is yet to come. Here is a top 13 list of the things I gained from studying abroad and top 25 photographs.

1. Being semi-ambidextrous while eating.
          Though nowhere near the skill and surgical precision of the French

2. Reading seven novels
          My favorite was Dracula- especially when it was talking about Budapest  while I was there and then London while I was in that city

3. Saying "cheers" in 6 languages and cuss words in 5.
          Putain is my all time fave...

4. Expanding my gastronomical curriculum vitae
          I liked fish for the first time in my life!

5. Sharing American desserts with other cultures
          Oreoballs, rice krispy treats, puppy chow...

6. For once in my life knowing (and liking) popular songs
    and dancing in public
          I blame/applaud Darren and Gemma for this

7. Being in Europe, with Europeans, for the Euros and Eurovision; being in London during Wimbledon; seeing Olympic stuff right before the Olympic games; being in France for the Tour de France.

8. 20+ trains, dozens of taxis, and hundreds of buses- finally conquering the non-personal car world
          Of note: learning all the bus numbers and times

9. Having an enormous postcard and shot glass collection
          Cheap souvenirs that every city has...

10. Two bike tours
          Including the 34 kilometers through the southern Czech forests

11. Thirteen flights and not missing one

12. Visiting twelve different countries
          The passport stamps are the coolest part

13. All the potlucks, Tuesday night Mozart clubs, Wednesday night Spekis (okay not all of those are good memories), Thursday night pub quiz (which we won several times), my neighbor in 229, the wonderful lake, public transportation, my tattooed friend, going to my European parents'- the Hassenfelders- house for home cooked food, last three weeks of travel and seeing everyones families and elementary schools, my Belgrade husband, partying with my adopted parents Mike and Jolyne in our European tour, the Tasmanian, getting trans-Atlantic mail (Aunt Dianna, Rick, M&J, all the newspaper clippings from Grandma), my Gemmagirl, my ever so sympathetic German teacher... all the amazing people I met and wonderful places I visited.


Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

 l'hôtel Dieu avec le Rhône

Hospital where Thibault was born in Lyon, France

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Sveti Sava in Belgrade, Serbia

Exhibition Pavilion
Zagreb, Croatia

Tscheppaschlucht Canyon, Austria

Danube River
Belgrade, Serbia

Klikov, Czech Republic

Krumpendorf, Austria

Prague, Czech Republic

San Marcos Piazza
Venice, Italy

Public Library
Prague, Czech Republic

Munich, Germany

Vienna, Austria

Olympic 1972
Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Atop Castle Hill
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lovers locks
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Ljubljana Castle

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