Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Days in Klagenfurt

The last few days in Klagenfurt were super busy and emotional! We were trying to pack, check out, finish up school, and say our goodbyes.

Here are some pics from a great outlook point over the lake:


Miriam had a great "buddy" named Goran that adopted Morgan and me.
 He took us on the ride and hike to see the great view of the lake and souvenir shopping!

Our infamous second floor.. Miriam down there at the end, Gemma, and Darren and I across from eachother.

Miriam, Claire, and I went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the local art museum.

I love jumping pictures... But the ones where I jump high, no one else does!

Corina and her parents! We had a great traditional Austrian
dinner at a cool restaurant out in the woods.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ohhh Berlin

Berlin was an absolutely amazing city, made even more spectacular by the fact that I got to visit my cousin Kyle and his wonderful wife Annett. From the second I met up with Kyle I had a fabulous time seeing the city and spending time with my cousins.

The girls, enjoying a Berlinerweisse (beer and syrup) that was pretty yummy!

We spent a few hours touring the wonderful East Side Gallery
 (I took pictures of just about every segment,
but here are some of my favorites).

The Potsdam opera, designed by the same man that designed
 the Sydney opera house.

Potsdam had a city festival with a concert by the lead singer of
Supertramp and Freddy Goes to Hollywood.

The spot where Kyle proposed to Annett!

Sans Souci is a beautiful palace grounds in Potsdam. It is the former summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, who introduced the potato into the German diet. People still put potatoes on his grave (he was buried next to his dogs, with his wife buried further away).

One of my favorite pictures from my entire trip:

Watching the Euros final

Preparing for our intense walking tour with a Starbucks!

Berlin Wall

And some wonderful pictures that Annett took :)

I love this one too!!

We had some fabulous food in Berlin including homemade blueberry
pancakes that I chowed before getting a picture!

I made everyone take sushi pictures

It was awesoooooome

And we dined on Italian while watching the Euro finals...

And some unbelievable Indian food!