Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sorry to make you jealous, but.....

I spent 4 out of the last 5 days at the lake (the exception being the day I went to the castle). It is so warm here and no A/C, so my room is too uncomfortable to sleep past 8:30 and I can't sit in there all day (rough life, I know).

We finally went down the slide and I'd say we made up for lost time..  There were only a few other kids (they were under 10 years old..) that were using it, so we'd go down, walk right back up the stairs and do it again!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hochosterwitz Castle

A few towns away lies a beautiful castle up on a mountain....

This Middle Age castle is visible from 20 miles away. Construction began in the 800s and the fortress hasn't changed much since the 1600s. One of the famous aspects of Hochosterwitz is the 14 different fortifaction gates, each one representing a different means of protection. We weaved our way up and around the rocky hill and visited all the gates; one had a chute with boiling oil, one had a trap door, one had hidden spikes. The furthest invading forces ever got was gate four!

I went with Lauren, Claire, Morgan and Kara-all American girls! We remarked on how strange it was that it ended up just being Americans and how we could say miles and pounds and dollars and know what eachother was talking about! Just when I'm getting used to saying meters I'm going home.

We took the bus to the train station, took a short train ride, then walked a few kilometers to the castle. We passed these cool picturesque Austrian buildings on the way.

I finally tried the white sausage!

Friday, June 15, 2012

 Exciting things are 
 happening at OCU!

Congratulations to a certain Dr. Buchanan on being appointed Assistant Provost! Now that you're all official don't forget about us lowly people in the Biology department! I still expect to have some lunches with you and my dad in the caf.

And then the lovely Dr. Gaudin became Chair of the Biology Department! Congrats, I'll have to take you to lunch when I get back!

These yummy pastries have been staring at us since we arrived...
So we decided it was about time we sat down, had a latte, and enjoyed them.

Morgan, Miriam, and I treated ourselves after our first final- Austrian Culture. The whole class was taught in German with a few English summaries, so we spent the last week reading up on the internet and google translating lectures. They passed around a sheet where we wrote our nationalities to grade the natives harder and the non-Austrians easier.. fingers crossed!

We've been watching the Euros on the public viewing area in the city center.
As I have no 'home' team to root for (America obviously isn't in it and Austria didn't make it), I'm rooting for a motley selection: I'm basically Irish, let's face it, so I proudly support the lads in green (and love all ye Irish folk); I'll be visiting Berlin during the championship game, so I'm definitely hoping that Germany wins it all and I'll be there to experience it; I wouldn't mind if Italy (also basically my homeland) and France did well too because I have friends from there. I know supporters of all the countries at this point, so I'll be happy for whoever wins.

We had one last international organization party for the year.
at a cool club on the lake.

Gemma (Ireland), Camille (French), Anna (French), me and Miriam (Australia) in front.

Sonja (Germany) and Julia (Ukraine)
Sweet girlies I'll miss!

Fear the beard, even underwater

We're bringin' the thunder to Austria...

The hills are now alive with the sound of The Thunder

Crazy, pre-historic looking duck and baby! Dad, what are these!? Is there something toxic in the lake causing weird mutations or are these guys just "European"?! They can jump up from the water like nothing I've ever seen,  and look at those feet!

I stole a couple from Thibault, as usual! He always has the best shots

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Regardless of your interest or lack of interest in OKC's team, I'm proud to have something from Oklahoma that is globally known. When I first arrived in Europe peoples usual association with Oklahoma was the Murrah Building bombing, but now I have people respond with "Ahh the beard". This sports team has really rallied our state and given us something of our own to be proud of. I love people congratulating me on our state's success and actually knowing about Oklahoma! They still might think it's "Up by Canada", but at least now they can pronounce it and know us Okies got somethin' goin' on.

Right after I wrote this I found this news clip: http://kfor.com/2012/06/12/thunder-up-remember-how-far-oklahoma-has-come/

And now some light-hearted clips:



Saturday, June 9, 2012

A selection of players from American college basketball teams are making a tour across Europe. Last week they stopped by Klagenfurt for a friendly game! This is Jed (Wyoming) and I supporting the good ole US of A. Some French and Australian comrades joined in the festivities as well (their first basketball game for some).

The Euro championships are underway! We're going tonight to
watch Germany vs. Portugal.

And don't worry, I'm spreading far and wide about the OKC Thunder! Everyone knows we're proud Okies and that we're making a name for ourselves

Friday, June 8, 2012

Morgans Birthday

Captain Morgan's Birthday

My other half, Morgan, turned 20. Of course we had to celebrate in style.

Pirate style that is.

Away from home and outgrowing her teen years, I wanted to make my dear friends birthday super special! I brainstormed with the queen, my Mom, and came up with a pirate theme in honor of Captain Morgan rum. We organized a suprise pirate party and executed it beautifully if I do say so myself.

I made delicious rum punch for me and me mateys
 (no pirate party is complete without little drink umbrellas)

In true pirate spirit (and in honor of our inked birthday girl) I brought temporary tattoos! They were super realistic and we all looked, in short, badass.

In true Angelina style (I've been told all my life that I'm meant to be an elementary school teacher) I cut out beards, made a skull and cross bones flag, and a treasure map birthday card.

 Some of the French lovelies had the good idea to wear stripes to
support our pirate theme!

Arggh some o'me trustey deckhands

Captain Jack Sparrow ^ ?? Nahhh it's just Darren. But admit I had ya
 there for a second.

Camille and Anna made some super cute pirate-themed birthday
cakes (please note Thibault's sweet beard/moustache/unibrow
mask that he wore like a champ)

Love you girlies!