Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The End... Venice, Klagenfurt, and Vienna

From Lyon I flew into Venice and spent the day there with Miriam. After my first visit to Venezia I was underwhelmed,but this day roaming the streets from sunrise really changed my view of the city of canals.

Corina, my savior in this crazy adventure, let me stay with her for a few days before I went home. We went and had a great lunch and dinner with her fantastic parents, took a day trip to Salzburg, and went and had coffee and cake at the first place we went to when I arrived in Austria! That dismal, snowy day in February when I arrived in Austria Corina picked me up, took me for coffee and cake, and I stayed at her apartment. Everything really seemed to come full circle when I left on a warm July day with Corina taking me to the train station.

Traditional Austrian meat and cheese plate

And one last tour around good ole Klagenfurt...

Seen enough churches yet?

I flew out of Vienna, so I went up for a day and spent the night before I had to catch my flight. I lugged around three wheely suitcases plus my backpack! It was quite the ordeal... still too soon to talk about it.

 My friend Ed is in Vienna for the summer doing an internship, so we met up for one last beer and schnitzel before I left! Ed was one of the first people I met in Austria, so dinner really helped with closure for my whole experience.

Mmm mm. The last of Hassenfelder home cookin'

This was a crazy/wonderful salad. Chicken with pumpkin seeds, fruits, and balsamic dressing

The wonderful traditional Carinthian noodles.
Corinas mom picked me some up from a local place and I was able to bring them back to share with my family in OK :)

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